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Birds of paradise, passion flowers and exotic island life dazzle against opulent velvets, rustic linens, embroideries and intricate weaves.  With 45 colours ranging from kingfisher tones to vibrant teals and softer combinations of slate, amethyst mineral and blush, this stunning collection is a seductive homage to tropical island life.

About Clarke & Clarke

Founded in 1999 by Lee & Emma Clarke, Clarke & Clarke has established itself as one of the global leaders in the home furnishings market. Head office is located in Haslingden, Lancashire and incorporates over 7,000m2 of warehouse space and houses fully automated technology, ensuring high quality standards, efficiency and supreme standards of service. The site comprises integrated modern offices and a brand-new showroom which showcases its comprehensive range of furnishing fabrics, wallpapers, cushions, readymade curtains and bedding. Based in a converted old church in Cheshire, the design studio is home to our talented team of designers, surrounded by walls decorated with art, mood boards, travel pictures and fashion photography providing the inspiration for collections.

Visit the Textile Gallery to see and experience these amazing designs in person.


Louisa Currie
Emma J Shipley

Emma J Shipley is a graphic artist from the UK, who draws inspirations from myths, legends and the patterns and rhythms of the natural world. Her exotic jungle-inspired Animalia collection has a classical feel, yet the intricate designs feature beautiful, bold modern colours and hidden subversive details that will surprise and delight.

Each design is painstakingly hand drawn by Emma in pencil and then printed onto luxury fabrics and wallpapers. Her work is stocked in some of the world’s finest stores, including Liberty of London.

Visit the Textile Gallery to see and feel Emma’s designs in person


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Louisa Currie